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Welcome to your dreams!

Get the atmosphere of luxury, sophistication, and perfection that your lounge environment deserves.

Looking for a licensed and experienced Pool & Lounge Remodeling Company to lead the project of your dreams?
Ensure quality results for your project with one of the best.
We provide services with highly qualified professionals to renew or build your pool's environment, working with the dedication that has given us an excellent reputation over the years.
Contact us and ask for a quote!

Spa Pool

Who we are

JM Works & Solutions has as focus the creation of a quality lounge for your home - including pools, decking and more!

Our creators based themselves on the concept that humanity's greatest need is to relate with people in environments that provide us with moments of joy and celebration. 
Moments that become eternalized by the structure, the environment and what’s most important to you.


In the detail of precise leveling, in the finishing and material used, where the refinement and sophistication are evident in our elaborate and professional coping & tile work.

The correct combination of good taste, designer and application in the work performed.

It makes our finishing, reference and excellency in the market.

Before_After Pool Remodeling JM Pool Rem
Pool Spa bonita

Design Contemporany

Looking for new trends for your lounge and pool? Want the best for your next project?

Our Designers will be pleased to provide you new trends, refinement and sophistication, all in line with your budget. In JM Works, we value the excellence of our work and provide our clients with the attention they deserve.


Planning, construction and execution

We check the previous construction plan to provide new projects that are viable.
If you are looking for a professional Construction Planning, get in touch and get a quote.
JM Works Solutions.

Building Plans

Customer Reviews
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